Sodaclick 101 How To's

Starting a Slide form the Template Gallery

Once signed in, you will be guided to your profile page, this is where you will find all your future saved Slides (Sodas).

Start by selecting the TEMPLATE GALLERY button

Select the desired template, name it, then you will be directed to the App to start personalising the template.

Personalising the text in a template

Select the text to update then click from the toolbar, or simply double click the text, this will load the text editor. To apply the changes select

The Text Settings

To stylise the text, there are many options that can be found in the settings icon for example to change the text to upper case select the tool in the settings drop down menu.

Replacing an image in a template

Select the Image Replace button from the toolbar, this will load the Image Gallery. Search and select the desired image for the replace to take place.

Add an image/vector graphics to a template

Select the Image Gallery icon from the toolbar, search for the desired image, set the search filter from the settings drop down menu and then hit the search button.

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